About Me Post

Hello everyone! Ok so as my first post I wasn’t sure what to write about. Actually I’m still figuring that out as I go! My only idea was actually to give a bit more information about myself.

So, hello everyone, I am the author and creator of Paint and Pineapple! That is slightly obvious but I think it’s a good place to start. Now, I don’t really want to get too much into personal details so my name for all anyone knows is Patricia Smith. (It is not by the way). I don’t know why I don’t want my name on this blog I just think it would be nice if a face wasn’t put to the name or rather if a face and name weren’t put to a person behind a computer screen. I can give other details though. I’m sixteen, I’m vegetarian, I live in France. That sort of thing I suppose isn’t quite as interesting as finding the person behind this blog. Though I like the sense of mystery behind it, I like that I can be anyone because no one knows who I actually am. Though of course people who look at this were probably told by my parents of siblings that I had started a blog and if so then this is all slightly for nothing. Honestly I don’t really mind. I think my idea of the fact that no one knows who I am is more exciting! I could be anyone. Look like anything. I could be blonde or a brunette. I could have jet black straight hair for all anyone knows, with bright blue eyes. And that idea that no one knows what I actually look like is almost exhilarating! It’s a very strange feeling that no one knows what I look like, though that means that people won’t judge me for what I look like and will actually judge my writing and use what I say and how I write to create an opinion of me!                                                                                                                       I also wanted to create a voice for myself. Somewhere I can express myself and write about anything that comes to mind. Somewhere where people don’t need to know me to hear me…

So yes there you go, a little insight on what goes through my mind and I hope you all keep reading!

Paint and Pineapple xx

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