A Rainy Day Post

I don’t know about everywhere else but here in France it is raining. So I thought I’d write a post that I’d want to read on a rainy day! Okay, so this is a list post… What do I like to do on rainy days. So often I find myself bored when it’s raining because I can’t, or rather don’t really want to go outside. (Though this list is also going to include things that you can do outside as well). Obviously I don’t know what kind of person you are so I don’t know how many of these ideas you will like but this is just what I do when it’s raining.

  1. Read. This might seem really obvious but it is a really good pass-time. I’m not talking about anything specific, in the sense of, read anything you want to read. whether it’s a book or newspaper of something online. I generally like to read my book lying on my bed or on the sofa downstairs. Where you read also is entirely your choice, I’m not going to tell you exactly what and where to read.
  2. Technology. My next point is technology. I think most of you know how easy it is to loose hours in front of a gadget, and if you are looking to make the day go faster I think this is a really easy way. Though only problem with this is that afterwards you might feel like you’ve wasted the day away. Personally that’s how I feel afterwards and in my opinion this isn’t the best idea if you are looking for something to do but to also make the most of the day. Aside from this you could also watch a movie or something like that.
  3. Cleaning or Sorting through. During rainy days I often come back to this point. I really like sorting through my room every now and then and if it’s rainy and you don’t want to go outside then you should have a lot of time to go through your room. I like this because I always find a load of things I thought I had lost or just completely forgotten about. with me though I get bored of that and then it turns into a couple day project but you could narrow it down to going through your desk or sorting out you makeup.
  4. Makeup. You could always experiment with doing your makeup. This can be really fun and you could invite a friend over or something like that.
  5. Friends. Point 4 reminded me that, of course, you could just invite a friend or a couple friends over and hang out with them.
  6. Food. Or more specifically baking. I really like baking, much more than cooking, and it’s always really fun to try out a new recipe or bake something you love baking and know it tastes nice. though this can become slightly difficult if you don’t have all the ingredients.
  7. Walks. This evidently doesn’t involve staying inside where you’ll be warm and dry but it is really fun. Going for walks in the rain. It doesn’t have to a long walk or anything like a hike just head down to the nearest park or wood and walk around for a bit maybe ask some friends to go along with you.
  8. DIY. Searching on google or youtube you will find so many easy diys that you can do. This could be quite fun, even if its something like pulling out a sketch book and doing some drawing or painting.

So there we go, those are all the ideas I could think of for the moment. I tried to make them original because usually when I look I always find the same things and often I don’t want to do any of those things. I can also be quite hard to please in the sense of sometimes I am bored but there is something specific I want to do I just don’t know what that is. I don’t know if you ever feel like this, is you do please let me know! That is all for this post, I hope it helped and good luck with your rainy day!

Paint and Pineapple xx


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