Summer or Winter Post

Living in France it is it is often warm and can get very hot in the summer. Most people would be happy with this; you can get that tan you’ve bee waiting the whole year for, you can go to the beach, the summer holidays so no school! I however don’t really like the summer. I mean there’s lovely weather and you can just relax because of the summer holidays but I much prefer the winter.

Summer. In the summer I love finding shady places in a park and reading or chatting to a friend. I love going to the beach, it’s one of my favourite things in the world. The sand the sea, of course. I have so much fun swimming in the ocean with the wave and my siblings or friends. We actually moved house a couple years a go which means I live only an hour away from the beach as opposed to an hour and forty five minutes or so. This means we’ve been going to the beach a lot more. Also this year I am going to learn how to surf. I’ve done a bit on a long weekend school trip a couple years in a row but we always leave when I am just getting the hang of it and by the following year I’ve lost a lot of it again. My best friend and her brother also taught me a bit, which was really fun and I cant wait to go to the beach with them so we can all surf together! My dad is taking me and my sister to Portugal for a week to do a course which looks super fun. though I’m learning right at the end of the summer holidays it will still be so fun! I also like being able to just sit and do nothing all day and not feel guilty because I have no work and its the summer holidays so I have a long tie to do any if I do have some.

But in the summer it gets very hot. This I don’t really like because everything is just uncomfortable and sweaty. I also mainly have winter clothes which means that I am usually hot. I also generally find the summer holidays too long and though it is nice being able to relax and do nothing I’m the type of person who, a) gets bored easily and b) always needs something to do otherwise I feel like I’m wasting away my days. Though this summer I’m doing quite a lot and its got very busy because I’m am moving back to England so there’s a load of things involving school and housing and stuff that I’m helping sort out. I also find sun bathing boring and the heat takes away so much of my motivation to do stuff, anything. There is also that yearly dispute that so many girls will have with their parents; ‘Those shorts are too short’. But the thing is, or well for me personally, I don’t like wearing knee length shorts, so I have the option of short shorts or trousers. And in both it is still crazy hot, I would just prefer not to be burning alive in trousers.

Winter. I am born in winter, in February. Christmas is my all time favourite holiday. I love going into the mountains. My dad loves to ski and snowboard so since I was seven we’ve  leant how to ski and recently (3 years ago rather) I stopped skiing because I became obsessed with snowboarding. I find it so cool and actually quite beautiful. my dad snowboards so he has been teaching me and my sister for the past few years. Being in the mountains is one of the things that I look forward to the most in the year. In the winter you can also dress up in layer after layer and it doesn’t really matter what you war because it is all covered by a huge coat. there is no feeling of self consciousness because the only time you will be undressed is in the shower and not in front of a load of people at a swimming pool of beach. I have this image in my mind all year round of my first Christmas in France (and actually the only one I’ve had because we usually go to England). There is a fire, hot chocolate, we also were one of those families that get pyjamas as an early Christmas present so my brother, sister and I were all in our new stripy pyjamas and reading books on the sofa in our old living room. This is one of those moments that I will hold on to forever just because we were all so happy, without worries and problems. We were just completely content with what we had and what we were doing… I love winter, again because of Christmas, because it is a holiday where my family comes together. We always do the same thing, we fly to England to spend Christmas eve with my dads family and they always cook mac and cheese and roast ham and for pudding there is always a delicious homemade pumpkin pie. Then for Christmas we go to my aunts house on my mothers side for Christmas dinner. The whole of my mums side of the family get together apart from one of my uncles who is usually in some hot country with his family. Then there is the snow, if it comes. I love the snow and everything about it. I love snow ball fights and snow men and the cold. I also love wearing a coat and scarf and oversized jumpers and boots.

I honestly can’t think of something about winter that I don’t like!

So there you go, I love winter, summer is alright. My order of seasons is winter, autumn, summer, spring. I’m very intrigued to know what your favourite season is, so let me know!

Paint and Pineapple xx

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