Greece. I went to Greece a few weeks ago and it inspired me. There is so much charm and identity in the houses and places and many of the views gave me a strong urge to paint, but I knew I would never be able to recreate what I saw. It was hot the entire time, that’s not really surprising but it was a comfortable heat. Nothing humid or stuffy. I stayed in Kefallinia for most of my trip. This is a small island off the south-west coast of mainland Greece. I basically spent most of my time at the beach, one specific beach that was so clear and beautiful. The water was shallow until quite far out which meant you could easily swim to a buoy a good 50 metres or so out. One particular day at this beach stands out for me. My mum had work to do so she dropped my sister and me off at the beach and when we got there, there was a boat. It was the most beautiful thing, the kind of treasure that you’d find in Swiss Family Robinson or something like that. I tried to take a picture of it but of course a picture is not quite the same as the real thing. I wanted to swim out to it but it was too far, it was for the best I suppose, to remind me that some wonders are supposed to stay just out of reach. That’s what made it special: it wasn’t tangible, it was unique and dreamlike and it wasn’t supposed to be touched by just anyone. This boat had a dark red wooden frame that cleared the turquoise water and the tall white sails were tied close to the strong masts. this boat was the only thing different about the beach, of course that added to the mystery of it and made it all even more wonderful and exciting.
Aside from this the place where we were staying was lovely. The apartment was owned by my mums friend. It was close to the centre of the village and a port and there was this local restaurant that was recommended to us by the sister-in-law of my mums friend. (I hope that didn’t get confusing). The food was really good and incredibly cheap. I got a meal, that I couldn’t even finish, for 3.40euros. So there were four apartments in the building that we were staying in, each was owned by a different member of my mums friends husband; Sophie’s husband. We had the basement flour, above us there was the Sophie’s mother in law, above her there was Harry, the sister-in-law. She was wonderful our host.
After ten days we started looking for a B&B close to a place called Fiskardo. The closest place happened to be on a different island: Ithaki. Which I found more wonderful than Kefallinia, if you can believe it. Here I fell in love with a port village called Kioni. We sat on the edge of the water and had delicious homemade ice cream one afternoon. It was lovely, so peaceful. There was a warm breeze that was a nice break from the heat and I watched some fish, eating bread that had been thrown into the water by a little girl in a pink and blue dress. Another day, evening, we drove up a hill close to the B&B to watch the sunset. We missed it by only a couple of minutes but had a small adventure running up a path to a cemetery at the top. The lady running the B&B was truly amazing: Kristina. She welcomed us and organised our entire 5 day stay. On our last day she had asked a friend of hers who owned a speedboat if she could give us a small tour of the best places on the island. Have you every been so happy that you can’t stop laughing? On that speedboat that is what I was like. I was laughing my head off for no apparent reason. It was just so incredibly fun to got fast over the small waves. the boat bounced and us along with it. we stopped off at a tiny island, which is more like a large rock, with only a church on top. It was built to represent Poseidon, who protected Greece from the ocean. After this we were taken to a truly breathtaking beach. The water was… It’s almost impossible to describe. Swimming there was like swimming in… a cloud? I don’t know. The water was light blue but it wasn’t clear. It was bright and misty. And if you looked down to see you feet it felt as though the water beneath them was a solid layer of blue-white cloud. I almost tried to stand but my feet went straight through; deeper, to another layer identical to the first. Around my body it was clear but any further and it was mist. We swam from the boat to the shore where the pebbles were bleached white by the sun and salt water…

I am so grateful to my host for organising this for us. She was truely amazing.

As you can probably tell, this adventure was amazing and I would definitely go again. Greece; Ithaki; Kioni, carries such weight in my heart. I hope you chose to visit at some point in your life because you will definitely not be disappointed.

Pant and Pineapple xx

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